AltEn Facility Response Group Information Directory

AltEn abandoned its ethanol production facility in Mead in 2021. Since that time, the AltEn Facility Response Group (FRG) has been voluntarily working, under the direction of the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE), to stabilize the site and develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP).

This online resource is for community members interested in FRG information about AltEn site stabilization accomplishments and ongoing work, as well as development of the RAP.

As additional information becomes available, the FRG will update this directory to keep the community informed.

The NDEE has two online information directories with information about the AltEn site situation:

NDEE public information portal -

Public records portal - and enter "84069" in the "DEQ Facility Number" field to access AltEn records.